Can a Securities Fraud Lawyer Help Recover Investment Loss?

Frank LLP’s attorneys have years of experience and an impressive track record representing plaintiffs in such individual and class actions. Essentially, when we take on your case, we become your partner in recovering damages. Because the contingency-fee model aligns the financial interests of the client and attorneys, our only incentive is to obtain the highest possible recovery in your case. The penalties are often disguised in complex agreement language or through deceitful sales tactics. Like traditional debt, preferred stocks carry preference over common stock for dividend payments and bankruptcy proceedings.

Stock Loss Lawyer

An investment fraud lawyer helps clients recover losses from financial advisors and broker-dealers. Much of the work involves understanding securities products and FINRA rules and regulations. The Business Trial Group represents investors who have suffered losses due to broker fraud, negligence, or mismanagement. Our clients include individuals, companies, and investment funds that have suffered losses in stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, currencies, annuities, real estate investment trusts , and other types of investments. Unauthorized trading is a common form of investment fraud in which a financial advisor or broker makes transactions via your nondiscretionary investment account without your explicit permission.

When Investors Are Left Holding The Bag

Similar to court proceedings, we will present our arguments as to the validity of your stock losses and provide evidence to support the claim, and then the arbitrator or panel will review the given testimony to come to a decision. Even if your brokerage contract includes a mandatory arbitration clause, you and your broker can still agree to mediate your dispute. FINRA handles more than 1,000 mediated claims each year; and, while not all efforts at mediation result in a settlement without arbitration, many do. While arbitration is an efficient and cost-effective way to resolve most claims against stockbrokers, being forced to arbitrate limits your options. Your stockbroker or investment advisor has made unauthorized trades on your account.

What is the fastest way for investors to recover losses from brokerage firms?

Arguments such as putting the blame on you, the market, or both you and the market will arise. In other words, “injured innocence” is the first reaction you can expect from your broker. At Coinbase class action lawsuit , managers must be conversant with the current recruiting practices when they are looking to hire a new broker or when an existing broker resigns to join a new firm. If that resigning broker leaves the firm owing money to the firm collection efforts are frequently instituted.

Why do so few investors file claims to recover investment loss?

They are exempted if they are not marketed to more than a certain number of individuals not considered Accredited Investors. So long as the investment sells to accredited investors, they maintain this exemption. Federal regulations permit trading in futures contracts on single stocks, also known as single stock futures, and specific security indices. As with options, futures contracts can have a significant degree of risk.

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